Tips to Be Globally Competitive

You may be hard working and an expert in your field of work however you need to prep yourself to join million other people who are working abroad, working away from their country of birth.

So are you ready to go that extra mile in the international market?

1. Master your Skills

You may qualify for a job with all the years of experience you have, however what really counts is the relevant experience you have in the industry or skills where you actually belong. You need to spend enough time in improving the specific skills or expertise to land your overseas job fast.

2. Know your Market

You need to know your market and you need it to know it well. It doesn't just stop when you identify your desired jobs maketvility. You also need to know where is it needed the most, how much can one earn from the job, the possible career path and do you really qualify for the job.

All this research and information is required for you to take all the right steps to plan your career.

3. Do your homework

If you know in which country you plan to work in, it only makes sense to learn about its work culture, language, climate and the lifestyle of expats from your nationality in that country. This will not alone give you a holistic understanding of what you should expect once you make that big move, it will also help you earn brownie points in your interview with the recruiter or the foreign employer during the employment interview.

4. Stash your Cash

Monetary benefits is one of the major reasons why one would want to settle in a foreign country. But before you get there you need to save up so that you have a little more than enough cash to shell out for relevant certifications and fees like passport, birth certificate, medical certification, placement fee, processing fee, and others.

5. Build an Impressive WorkVisas Profile.

Most of the recruitment agencies and employers consider WorkVisas as one of the effective platforms to fetch for international profiles.

Following these few tips will make sure the right opportunity comes knocking at your doorstep

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