Interview Preparation Checklist

If you are reading this, then definitely by now you may have applied to several job vacancies abroad. You might be in a hope and confident of getting many of the interview calls.But before attending any interview analyse yourself and question that are you fully prepared to give an interview?The basic key to success to any job interview is preparation and practise. Prepare yourself such that the unique mix of your education,skills and accomplishment make you an ideal candidate for the position.

Majority of the initial job screenings would be probably conducted in non-personal mediums such as via video conferencing, telephone or through e-mails.Therefore it is advised to prepare yourself well for this big day and don't make any kind of assumptions with respect to the interview.

Finally the outcome of the interview will decide the level of your preparation and abilities. If you are through the interview then this will help you to take up the second round or even a job offer abroad.

Now to make sure you are ready, you should go through the following final checks:  

Have you established who they are? Thoroughly research about the organization for which you would be interviewed. Conduct research as such that you may know your future employer better. Understand their services, products and markets so that it will make you confident to answer any of the questions asked by the interviewer about the company. This analysis and research of yours will make you stand out among the candidates. This will also help you to ask some quality questions and query related to the company to the interviewer which in turn will impress the interviewer.


Do you have the required skills? Make sure before applying for the job, that you match the criteria specified by the company. This will help you to prepare yourself for the certain skills and knowledge that you are not aware of. Compare the skills and competencies the company requires with your profile which will help you score high during the interview.


Interview methods? An interviewer usually uses different styles and methods while interviewing. He does this to find out candidates behaviour and reaction to different situations. There are different types of interview methods like behavioural based, case and informational interviews. A candidate should be well prepared for any situation and query put in front of him.


Practise well “Tell us about yourself” question : Many of us feel this is the easiest question and without any preparation we can answer it smoothly. But an interviewer judges a candidate based on the answers given by the candidate and the communication skills. While answering be logical, crisp and make sure to cover all the points. Prepare a short story about the major areas of past work and projects, which will make you confident to answer during the interview.

Control your nervousness: Relax and don't let your nervousness take a toll on your performance and chances. Before answering any question pause, think and then answer. Think positively so as to overcome the fear of rejection and learn to face the reality as the worst thing that can happen is that it will take some more time to find a good and suitable job for you.

Plan your wardrobe : Dress yourself in a way that it looks good and formal. Dont dress to impress. Make sure that your clothes are clean, well ironed, wrinkle free and have a professional attire.


What to carry during the interview? Don't overburden yourself with unuseful stuff, as you would already be burdened mentally and the burden in your hand will distract you. Carry the copies of your CV or resume, appointment letter, certificates, highlights of your earlier work, necessary documents, address and identity proof, passport size photos, photo ID, a notepad and pen.

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